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Think Safety When Buying a Used Car for Your Teen

When parents are looking for a decent used car for their teenager, they of course want to save money, but they  also want to get a reliable car that is safe. In the old days, if an old car had a decent set of tires and didn't blow smoke, it was just fine for the youngest kid in the family. But, in today's world with all of this amazing technology available in our vehicles, teenagers can be safer on the road more than ever.

At Detroit Auto Body, we know that when teenagers start to drive it's a big step and many of us have gone through it ourselves here in Covina, CA. So, here are some helpful tips that can hopefully guide you as you locate a safe car for your teenage driver.

First. make certain that the car you purchase has advanced safety features throughout the vehicle. In addition, check online to see if the vehicle you're interested in has gone through any recalls and also take a close look at its crash-test results on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety website. think safety when buying a used car for your teenThere is usually a struggle between an image-conscious teen and a safety-focused parent when comes to buying a used car. Money is always a major consideration, so in short buy the newest, most dependable model with the most safety equipment that you can manage to pay for. Do not even think about a car without antilock brakes, and if you can get a car that is equipped with side and head-protection curtain airbags and electronic stability control as well, that's great. These lifesaving systems can be especially beneficial to a fledgling driver.

As far as what type of vehicle is good for your teen, big pickups and SUVs are not ideal for young, unseasoned drivers, because they are more likely to roll over than other types of vehicles. Sports cars are not a great idea for adolescent drivers, because they are prone to speed and get into accidents as a result.

Next to safety, reliability is key when selecting a used car, because it will probably not have the warranty protection anymore. In a perfect world, your teenager will drive that same car for many years to come, including ideally the college years.  By doing your research and making a series of educated decisions, your teenage driver will be able travel in safety in a vehicle that he or she can rely on for a long, long time!

Sources: Consumer Reports, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and AOL

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