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Are You Living in the Left Lane?

AutoBody-Review are you living in the left laneIf you drive in the left lane, do you feel an obligation to drive a little faster? At Pacific Elite Collision Centers Downey West, we see collisions that are often caused by excessive speed in Downey and throughout the State of CA. But, how many of these accidents are caused by dangerous driving habits practiced in the left lane?

Don't feel bad for driving in the fast lane, but make sure you're adhering to all traffic laws while doing so. In addition to speeding, tailgating, distracted driving and driving too slowly could find themselves in trouble with the law while driving in the left lane.

There is a lot of confusion out there about how to use the left lane. It all began when the 55 mph national speed became law in 1974. Prior to that, passing on the left was an unwritten rule, but after the new speed limit went into effect, drivers started to stay in the left lane.  Drivers said that 55 mph is too slow and when they were trying to pass they couldn't get by because other cars were parking in the left lane.

The left lane has always been reserved for passing other cars (aka “lane courtesy") and if you know how to use it appropriately, you can take advantage of a few benefits along the way:

You’ll Avoid Tickets And Fines

People have different ideas about how to drive in the left lane, but hovering in it is against the law in many cases. In 29 different states, there are laws that any vehicle moving slower than the traffic around it should always travel in the right lane. But there are also a handful of other states whose laws that are more stringent and designate the left lane exclusively for passing. In Georgia, it is a misdemeanor to travel slower in the left lane than adjacent traffic. Last year, Tennessee got tough with slow left-lane drivers with steeper fines and in Delaware, if you get caught lounging in the left lane, it will cost you $80!

Safety, Safety, Safety

In addition to avoiding tickets and fines, adhering to lane courtesy makes the roads and highways in this country safer for all of us. If used correctly, left lanes can help faster drivers to have a quick and drama-free way to navigate around drivers who drive too slow. You’re less likely to get into any type of accident because traffic is always flowing and more consistent if people use the left lane for strictly passing.

You’ll Save On Fuel

Following the letter of the law can save you a few bucks, too. Maintaining your speed and staying out of the left lane can get you better gas mileage over the long haul. But cutting down on weaving in and out of lanes, it's more fuel-efficient and better for the planet, so it's a double win!

We strive to bring you realtive content from Pacific Elite Collision Centers Downey West in Downey , CA .

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