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Travel Trailers - Camping In Comfort

Travel Trailers - Camping In Comfort

I love camping. Since I was a kid, I looked forward to the once or twice a year my family would pack up out old van and head for the most remote area we could access with access to water and fire pits. I jumped at the opportunity to pitch the tent, build the fire, and set up the lanterns. My grandparents would occasionally join us, and I could never understand exactly why they would choose to bring their camper with them. After all, wasn't the point of camping roughing it?

As I've gotten older, though, my opinion of camping has changed a little. Once in a while I don't mind setting up a tent and trying to sleep on rough, uneven ground that's punishing no matter how many blankets and sleeping bags I roll out, but for the most part I'd prefer to go with one of my friends with a camper. 

I know that many of you are saying that camping in a travel trailer isn't camping at all. That's fine. For me, I can commune with nature a little better with a good night's sleep under my belt free from bugs and rocks. A camp stove is fine with me, but a fully functioning stove is better. Washing dishes in a river is OK, but it's oh so much more convenient to have a dishwasher and running water. 

While I may have scoffed at some of the featured offered by travel trailers when I was younger, I just marvel at them now. Pop-up roofs, fully functioning restrooms, and up to four beds in such a small area never fail to amaze me. A water heater that's only slightly less effective than the one in my home is just the best. A furnace and AC? Many of the travel trailers today offer these. On a recent trip to the mountains with friends I also discovered that they had USB ports to charge my devices and a Bluetooth entertainment system to play music! 

I look back on my childhood camping experiences fondly. I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. Still, I found myself looking at a trailer that had a washer and dryer a couple of weeks ago while doing some quick calculations for household budgeting. Solar panels and built in wi-fi almost swayed me. The towel warmer in the bathroom was certainly a nice touch, and with the blackout curtains I can guarantee you that upon waking I'd definitely forget that I was in the woods until I opened the door. 

This is now my idea of camping.

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Written By: Todd Hendrickson

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