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Why Painting Your Car is Not a DIY Project

AutoBody-Review why painting your car in not a diy projectWe’ve all seen ads and read articles at Alexander Collision Center promoting the benefits of painting your car. Maybe your paint is starting to look run-down and faded, or you just want a change in color. You’re not alone. Many vehicle owners in Oxnard, CA consider painting their cars themselves, but it rarely ends up well.

It certainly sounds like an appealing idea—potentially saving time and money to spruce up your vehicle and give it a new look.

However, whether you are an experienced DIY (do it yourself) painter or first-timer, you’ll want to use caution and consider what it will entail.

Let’s say you’ve done some research, read the instructions and are thinking about taking on this type of DIY project. It’s important to realize that the reality of painting a car can be much different than it sounds.

Before you give it a try, be sure to ask yourself if it’s really worth attempting. In most cases, experts say probably not. Here is why:

Costs: From the ads, it often sounds like you can save money by painting a car yourself. While a gallon of basic car paint usually costs $35-$55, standard car paint is $75-$100 per gallon, and you can pay hundreds of dollars for custom auto paint. Don’t forget the cost of a spray gun, primer, clear coats, drop cloths and other supplies required for a complete job. It’s advisable to check out the total price before deciding.

Time: It can be a very time-consuming project to paint your vehicle, especially if you want to change the color. You’ll need to prep, strip and prime the vehicle, which all require patience and experience. There is also a big learning curve, especially if this is your first project.

Extra paperwork: If the current color of your vehicle is listed on the state title and registration, you will need to update that information or you could face potential problems down the line. Your car might also need to be inspected after it is painted.

Finished product: You may not realize it but painting a car yourself can make it look worse. Touching up a small scratch sounds straightforward but it’s usually not. If it doesn’t turn out the way you hoped, it can be very costly to remove the paint and have a professional redo it.

Other considerations: Although paint dries quickly, it will need to be cured. You’ll want to pay attention to the temperature and humidity, which can both ruin your work. Ideally, it’s best to work in a clean environment. Even a little dust can affect the look.

Typically, it’s best to hire a professional to paint your car. Not only can you ensure the job is done correctly with the proper equipment, but you also won't have to worry about hassles and potential costs in case something doesn’t go as planned.

We strive to bring you relative content from Alexander Collision Center in Oxnard , CA .

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