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Smart Ways to Buy a Used Car

Buying a used car the smart way will require some research. The vehicle's history needs to be checked as well as any problems for the particular model you are looking at. The basic things to do include checking for any leaks and other potential problems. You should also take it for a long test drive and have a qualified mechanic check through the vehicle, but here are some more.  

Here are some tips from all of us at Chaz Limited Collision Express Downtown in Anchorage, AK, because buying a used car isn't ever an easy task.

Look at Vehicles Less Than Three Years Old: New cars lose the most value in the first couple years of their life. Buying one of these used cars will give you the best deal for the money. The vehicle will still need to be checked for things like accident history and whether it has been in a flood. 

Former Leased Cars: A lot of leased cars have a restriction on the yearly mileage they are driven. This could get you a car that has been well taken care of with low miles. A lot of people who lease cars will opt for a new model every 2 or 3 years which could result in you finding a used car that is still like new. 

Rental Agencies: Former rental cars can also get you a great price on a late model used car. It is best to buy one directly from the rental agency instead of a car lot. A car dealer will raise the price to ensure a profit. 

Certified Used Cars: These vehicles usually carry a warranty that ensures any future problems will be fixed within a specified time. They have been gone through by qualified mechanics before putting a certified label on them. It is still best to have the car checked over by a mechanic you trust. 

History Report: You can purchase a comprehensive history report of the vehicle you are considering by a company like CARFAX. This will point out any potential problems in the vehicle. 

Test Drive: You need to take the vehicle for a long drive. The handling, braking, and tires should be tested thoroughly. You should look under the car for leaks and any damage that can't be seen from above. 

A Good Mechanic: You should have a good mechanic check through the car for problems that could turn up. He should also test drive the car as opposed to putting it up on a lift. A search on the internet could turn up any problems that are common with a certain model.

 Chaz Limited Collision Express Downtown, 1801 E. 5th Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501

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