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Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) Programs Help New Drivers

When your teenager gets a driver's license, it's a step toward responsibility and freedom, but is your teen driver truly prepared to operate a vehicle skillfully on the road? At Rich's Auto Body, we see teenage drivers making simple mistakes all the time and many driver's education programs offered by schools aren't intense enough to properly train young drivers. Adults who have been driving for many years build their driving skills over time, but adolescent drivers are in many cases, too inexperienced to respond quickly when they encounter perilous conditions on the road.

Auto Body Review Graduated Driver Licensing Programs Statistics show that teen drivers are involved in more fatal accidents than adults are, primarily because of their immaturity and a lack of experience behind the wheel. Because they don't have the same sense of responsibility and accountability than older people do, they tend speed, make mental mistakes and are easily distracted, especially when their friends are in the vehicle. To help your teen to stay safer while driving 46 States and the District of Columbia now have Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) programs that cut down on high-risk driving scenarios for new drivers. These programs can trim down your teen's crash risk by as much as half, according to studies that analyze the effectiveness of GDL programs nationwide.

What exactly can a parent do to help their teenage driver to become a better and safer operator of a vehicle? First, learn about your local GDL program, if one exists. Know the restrictions placed on your teen's license and put into effect those limits. Even if your state doesn't have an authorized program, you can surely set down some essential ground rules for your teen driver. Restrict night driving and passengers in the car, forbid driving while on the phone and make seat belts are used at all times without exception.

Be a superior role model to your teen driver. Remember that your adolescent looks up to you as a good driver, so practice safe driving yourself to make sure you're giving he or she a good example to follow. Then, practice with your teenager and set aside ample time to do so. It's also an ideal way to spend time together and enable your teen to enhance their basic driving skills. Your teen's learning starts at home, so make sure that you can be the best teacher you can.

To avoid teenage fatalities and serious injuries on the road in Merced, CA and nationwide, work with your teen to make them a better driver. In addition, if your state offers a GDL program, take a long look at what it can do for you and your teen driver.

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