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Tesla Opens New Service Shops To Accommodate Customers Needs

Tesla Opens New Service Shops To Accommodate Customers Needs

The current Tesla models are a thing of beauty. They're stylish. They can go over 300 miles on a charge. They're more affordable than ever. They perform amazingly on the track. The only major downside encountered by many owners is the amount of time it takes third party shops to perform even the most basic body repairs. 

The concerns expressed by owners are echoed by service shops. Almost universally it's agreed that the major issue is the time it takes to get parts. 

Tesla heard the concerns and reacted. By the end of this month, Tesla will have opened body shops in their top ten markets in the US, giving Tesla owners a place to go with the most common parts on-hand for their convenience.

Tesla CEO Elan Musk commented “We think that we might be able to do same-day body repairs for all of them. It’s definitely possible, so we want to aim for at least some number of repairs to be same day.” 

Initially Tesla will be adding the body shops as annexes to their existing service centers, but as the need grows Tesla may consider expansion to stand-alone body shops. At this time, third-party shops such as Service King South 1st - Austin in Austin, TX remain the best option, with professional service and experienced staff.

Written By: Todd Hendrickson

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