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How much does it cost to repair car hail damage in Chatham NJ?

How much does it cost to repair car hail damage in Chatham NJ?

Our cars spend a lot of time outdoors. In parking lots, in driveways, and as a result they get exposed to everything mother nature can throw at them from rain to snow and even sleet and hail. It’s miserable watching your vehicle being pummeled by hailstones, but it can be practically heart breaking  to see the damage once it’s been done.  Sometimes, hail will leave only a few tiny dents, but other times it can leave craters in your hood, shatter your windows, and ding up your trunk.  The damage can be extensive, leaving many victims concerned about how much the repairs will cost.

image of hail stones in Chatham NJ

So how much does it cost to repair hail damage in Chatham New Jersey?

 Let me explain what gets factored into the price:

How much surface area of your car has hail damage?
Sometimes, only sections of your car will be damaged, most likely the roof or hood. If multiple body panels been damaged, then your repair will require more materials, labor, and paint, which will all increase the cost. 

Did hail damage any of your lights or glass?
If your headlights, taillights, windshield, or other windows were damaged, these elements will need to be replaced or repaired, which will add slightly extra to your cost. Estimate upwards of $500.

How deep is your hail damage?
At _______, our master auto body technicians are trained in a technique called Paintless Dent Repair (also known as Paintless Dent Removal), which allows us to repair shallow dents without having to replace an entire panel.  This technique can save you a significant amount of money, because it eliminates the need for extra parts, labor, and paint.  When you first bring your car to us, we can take a thorough look at all your car’s areas of hail damage and determine which dents, if not all, can be repaired using this professional method.  Unfortunately, if your dents are too deep, we will likely need to employ other methods of repairing your damage. PDR can cost anywhere from $99 to $250 per dent, but is a safe alternative to having to fix and repaint the whole car.

Do you have water damage from the storm?
If hail created deep enough crevices in your car’s panels or if your shattered glass allowed water to seep in, you might have water damage to your interior, which will need to be addressed.  If left alone, your car’s interior components could begin to rust or even develop mold.  It’s better to repair water damage as soon as possible, rather than wait until further damage occurs. Figure on a coupe hours of labor to vacuum out and dry out your car’s interior- around $200.

Does your car have existing damage?

One important thing to note is that your claim will only cover damage caused by the hailstorm. If you had prior damage, that will need to be fixed as well because no auto body shop in ___ will fix a car or repaint one over existing damage without fixing it first. This affects not only our reputation, but also our ability to warranty the work that we do.

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