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Oklahoma Driving: Links to Check Out Before You Head Out

Who here agrees that if you’re driving through Oklahoma, whether for business or pleasure, bad traffic and road construction can turn a simple drive into a miserable one? They slow you down, can be frustrating. But, apart from the time it adds to your drive, did you know that such road conditions can also increase the risks of getting into an auto accident?

If you’re driving your normal route, you likely know where there are high traffic spots, and which areas to avoid. You probably even know which sites have routine road construction. But what about when you are driving in an unfamiliar area of Oklahoma – or heading that way? The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) actually has a few links online that will help you navigate a safer, more pleasant drive throughout the state.

3 Maps That Will Make a Difference

From the links ODOT provides, here are 3 sites we recommend checking out before you head out:

  1. Map of Oklahoma Traffic
  2. Map of Active Oklahoma Road Construction
  3. Map of Oklahoma Road Conditions

The third map is one to definitely keep on hand. It is not only in depth, it also shows road closures, delays, and will dictate whether traffic is severe or moderate!

We know you want to arrive at your destination in a timely manner—and in one piece! These are only two reasons why you may want to look at these links before spending a day out on the Oklahoma roads. Remember, no matter the day or time, be road ready simply by checking it out before you head out!

Blog Written by:

Meleah Montgomery, Community Relations Director

“Consider It Done”

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