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Common Errors Many People Make When Financing a Car

Financing a car makes many folks anxious because they feel uncomfortable with the ins and outs of the process. The important parts of a financial contract usually involve interest rates, length of the car loan and any warranty information. A good credit score can drastically improve the terms when financing a vehicle. 

Here are some helpful directives from Able Body Shop - Midtown in Anchorage, AK to help you as you navigate through the tricky process of getting vehicle financing.

Not Reading the Correct Details 

A monthly payment is important but not as important as the details to get that amount. One of the biggest mistakes people will fall into is not paying attention to how many monthly payments they will need to make. There are also dealers that will ask for a high-interest rate and increase the number of payments to get an ideal monthly payment. People should review the number of payments and the interest rate prior to signing a document. 


Purchasing a car is exciting for many. The excitement may allow people to dismiss added expenses at the very end of the financing process. People should avoid add-on services and just purchase the vehicle. Add-ons may also damage the value of the car in the long-term. 

Credit Scores Fluctuate 

People may not know that credit scores fluctuate throughout the month. Monitoring a credit score, knowing when credit cards post payments, and paying down credit obligations can bring lower interest rates. There are credit monitoring sites that will send people notifications when their credit score fluctuates. This is a good service for those who expect them to rise because they've paid something. 


A financed car may increase someone's current car insurance bill. Many financed cars will require full-coverage insurance that is more expensive than expected. Calling an insurance company to get a quote will give the purchaser an idea of total costs. 

Forgetting to Research 

The internet offers a wide variety of places to research cars, prices, and compare rates for different financing offers. Once a person chooses the type of car they want, research can help them find what they want and know what to expect for a price. 

No Options 

Some people wait until they have to purchase a vehicle right away. To find a satisfactory deal, people should spend the time needed instead of rushing to purchase the first option they have. 

When financing a car, people should check their credit score, know what to look for on an application, and shop around for lower interest rates. A quote for insurance and avoiding add-ons will help with future expenses and proper budgeting.

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