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Drivers are Changing Bad Habits and Saving Lives

Drivers are Changing Bad Habits and Saving Lives

Car accidents are up within the last decade and more than 40,000 of the deaths that occurred last year were due to car crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This information is very disturbing for most people, whether they are drivers or not, but what they don’t realize is that many of these unfortunate deadly car crashes could have been prevented.

By attending safety classes through adult education programs, older drivers are attempting to change their bad driving habits and thereby saving lives. And many high schools now are incorporating new classes about bad driving habits among adolescents. In some cities, these efforts are paying off and accidents have decreased, but there is still much more work to do when it comes to driver’s education.

At Emerald Coast Collision Repair, we want to play our part to make all of our Fort Walton Beach roads safer, because accidents will happen, but fatalities can often be avoided. So, here are some basic thoughts we’d like to share, even though most people probably realize all of these things. Look at them as a mini-refresher course.

stay sober

Stay Sober: No one can predict when he or she might possibly be involved in a car accident, yet there are ways that you can lessen your chances of experiencing a potentially life-threatening collision. One main preventative factor is to never, under any circumstances, drive under the influence. “Driving under the influence” refers to the consumption of any substance that could possibly impair your ability to make quick and prudent decisions. Everyone knows how dangerous it is to drink alcohol and drive, but many don’t think that it’s a big deal to take medication, prescription or non-prescription, prior to getting behind the wheel. This is a total misconception, because it doesn’t matter what substance you take, if it can alter your ability to think clearly, it can also cause you to use poor judgment while driving and result in an accident.

Stay off the phone

Stay off the Phone: More and more states are banning the use of cell phones while driving. This is due to the great number of accidents that are caused by motorists talking on cell phones while behind the wheel. Even if you live in an area that has not yet banned cellular phone usage while driving, it’s a good idea to wait until you arrive at your destination to make or take any calls. It only takes a few minutes to pull over in order to make a phone call and to be honest most calls can wait if you really think about it. Phone conversations don’t even have to be “heated” or unpleasant in order to cause accidents. If the driver is distracted while engrossed in a conversation, it can cause them to be less attentive to the road and endangering everyone else on the road.

Stay the speed limit

Stay at the Speed Limit: You may be in a hurry and need to reach your destination fast, but it’s best to go the speed limit, because chances are you may not make it to your destination at all if you choose to speed. Speeding is a major cause of automobile accidents, one that can easily be prevented by going the posted speed limit at all times. If you’re late for work or someplace else important, try giving the appropriate person a call before you leave so that they will know to still expect you. Setting your alarm clock early enough to allow yourself an adequate amount of time to get dressed and to safely reach your destination is extremely important and will not only prevent tardiness, but it can prevent car accidents as well.

Stay Awake

Stay Awake: Another way to minimize your chances of becoming involved in a car accident is to never drive while sleepy. If you’ve been up all night with a colicky newborn or out partying with friends until the wee hours of the morning, then it may not be a good idea to drive early the next morning. Believe it or not, it’s not difficult for the rhythmic motion of the car gliding down the road to lull you to sleep. Over-the-road truck drivers are known for doing this, which is why they are required by the companies that they work for to spend the night in motels or even in the back of their trucks, if they feel too tired to continue driving safely. You need to do the same, or just not get on the road if you’re sleep deprived in the first place. Drowsy driving kills, so figure out how to avoid this dangerous situation.

Stay Alive

Stay Alive: Any automobile accident is a potentially life-threatening event that could have most likely been prevented had the drivers been more cautious and made smarter decisions. Drivers must work together in order to make the road a safer place for everyone, by using good judgment and being responsible drivers.

At Emerald Coast Collision Repair, we meet our customers by accident, but we don’t ever want anyone to get injured, so if you think you may have some bad driving habits, maybe it’s time to take a long look at becoming a safer driver overall.

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