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Take Pre-Game Tailgating to a Whole New Level

tail gate party!

Take Pre-Game Tailgating to a Whole New Level

With football season approaching fast, Fort Walton Beach tailgating parties will soon be back in full swing every weekend for the rest of the year. Whether you’re into the NFL, college football or even high school football, tailgating is not just a hobby—it’s also a way of life!

Pre-game tailgating parties have grown over the past couple of decades from a few fans guzzling beer and wolfing down hot dogs from the back of a truck into intricate events that include music, games and innovative five-course meals with gourmet fare and fancy cocktails. Tailgating gatherings feature modified cars and trucks, campers and even buses along with high-tech music systems, jumbo screen TVs and outdoor kitchens.

 Joe Cahn, the self-appointed “Commissioner of Tailgating” declared pre-game tailgating as the “last American neighborhood”. In the old days, block parties and dances were the best way for people to interact in a fun environment, but in many way tailgate parties have replaced those occasions.

Every successful tailgating experience depends on the imagination, preparation and enthusiasm of its host. 

Party time!

Here are some ideas to turn your vehicle into party headquarters, courtesy of Emerald Coast Collision Repair.

  • Wheel well storage units and ice chests can hold a variety of beverages and ice.
    • Include a choice of either alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks for those who will be driving and underage guests. Always check ahead for your local stadium policy regarding on-site consumption of alcohol at tailgating events.
  • Consider purchasing products that conveniently attach to your tow hitch such as fold-out tailgating table and TV mounts.
    • Double your towing capacity with dual-hitch receivers and you can bring extra tailgating accessories.
  • The bed area of your truck can be protected with colorful bolt-on or spray-on bed liners, tailgate mats or a rubber bed floor.
    • For sun or rain protection, a specially made tent can be made to fit over the truck bed or you can use pop-up auto umbrellas, portable shelters and awnings. Couches and pillows can also be placed inside the truck bed for added seating and comfort. Various ramps, ladders and stairs can improve access.
  • Show allegiance to your favorite team by adhering vinyl team logos to the sides of your vehicle.
    • Wheel covers, floor mats and dash covers are available with custom team graphics. Help guests locate your vehicle with personalized car flags or balloons.
  • Prepare menus several days ahead and plan to arrive at the stadium at least 4 to 4 ½ hours early to allow for enough time to find a good spot and set up.
    • If you’re hosting, make sure to have a few snacks on hand or serve appetizers, so that you’ll have enough energy to prepare and serve when the tailgating begins.
  • Pack coolers strategically by layering drinks and ice on the bottom followed by smaller food items and top off with another layer of ice.
    • Frozen water bottles can provide chilled water for later. Bring extra deep trays to make ice baths for potato salad, veggies with various dips and other condiments. For colder temperatures nothing beats hot soup or chili from a thermos.
  • Bring some games!
    • Nothing draws a crowd together like sports and food. But many successful tailgaters know that bringing their own games to the pre-game party is a great way to break the ice and provide hands-on fun for all ages. Traditional tailgate games include beer pong, ladder toss, washer pitching and flip cup.
  • Clean as you go and it will be a lot easier to pack everything away before heading over to the game.
    • Recruit the younger members of the party to act as the clean-up committee by turning it into a contest to see who can collect the most trash. If breaking down a grill, use a metal bucket for still glowing coals. Make sure the fire is extinguished properly. All equipment should be cool to the touch before being packed away in your vehicle.

And most of all bring a great attitude and plan on having fun no matter how well your team is playing. Give a warm hello to your neighbors and enjoy the day as the spirit of tailgating is about everyone coming together and celebrating with food, family and friends. Enjoy the season and be safe from all the people at Emerald Coast Collision Repair, Fort Walton Beach, FL.

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