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Google, Intel and Waymo Team Up for Self-Driving Project

Self-driving cars have all of the techies in Silicon Valley super psyched and ready to push the technology as far as it can go. Hundreds of new companies and long-established mega-corporations are developing solutions that they will hopefully eliminate gridlock and traffic casualties once and for all.

At Body Works Plus, we believe that the future of automotive transportation here in Charlotte, NC and all over the world is changing at a lightning pace, so we're happy to report this self-driving project with Google, Intel and Waymo. 

Intel, the world's largest manufacturer of chips on the planet announced recently that it's been partnering with Waymo for the past eight years. During the time, Intel has been providing Xeon processors, Arria field programmable gate arrays for machine vision and a series of gigabit Ethernet solutions, to enable all of the various components to communicate with each other seamlessly and effortlessly.

"With more than three million miles of real-world driving, Waymo vehicles with Intel technology inside have already processed more self-driving vehicle miles than any other autonomous fleet on our country's roads," according to Intel CEO Brian Krzanich in a blog post announcing the news recently.

Working with Waymo isn't Intel's only venture into self-driving cars. For example, Ford decided to go with Intel processors for all of their autonomous R&D vehicles. In 2016, Intel also announced that it was partnering with BMW and Mobileye to create a self-driving car that is called the iNEXT that is slated to launch in 2021. Also last year, Intel purchased Mobileye for $15.3 billion and then promptly integrated its own Automated Driving Group into the Israeli corporation. And then last summer, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles revealed that it, too, was going to join the BMW/Intel autonomous vehicle project.

Apparently, of all Intel's major rivals aren't just happy to leave it alone in this space. Nvidia, for example, has been working diligently on this area, partnering with major players like of Tesla, Audi, Volvo, Bosch and others to make its Drive PX its go-to platform for autonomous vehicles.

With big high-tech companies working with many of the planet's leading carmakers of self-driving cars, it's a great period of time to be involved in this industry, so stay tuned. Autonomous transportation is gaining more and more momentum every day and Intel's participation is a very good sign for the present and the future.

Sources: USA Today, Newsweek and Google News

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