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How Do They Come Up with These Silly Car Paint Names?

What happens when carmaker executives get together to name the paint colors for their vehicles? Well, they certainly do come up with some creative (and straight up crazy) names. While we're actually not too sure how they come up with these monikers, like Plum Crazy, Mustang Mustard and Portobello Brown, we here at [name[ do find them pretty entertaining. 

So, here is our list of the top 5 weirdest color names that have ever been associated with a car. We see some wild paint jobs in Lincoln, NE all the time, but most of these color names are on a whole other level!

 1.) Pontiac Verdoro Green: Known as "PVG" by Pontiac lovers, this shade has been all the rage for many years. The well-publicized story about this particular color was reportedly inspired by a green glass ashtray that the wife of a GM car designer saw at a cocktail party and presented to him. If you see any stock Firebirds from the 1980s, you might get a look at Pontiac Verdoro Green, a color that you'll never forget.

2.) Saleen Lizstick Red: The Ford executive that came up with this name based it on the color of lipstick that his wife used. The first version of this shade can be seen on NA S7's, but the newer and updated hue are found on Mustangs and other fast and furious models.

3.) Audi Beluga Brown:This color was popular for a period of time, but when its sales lagged, Audi was not afraid to say goodbye to Audi Beluga Brown. Unless you work for UPS, you probably don't see a brown colored car around very often, even if the color's name implies the luxury of high-end caviar!

4.) Dodge Go Mango Orange: Some debate whether the actual name of this color is 'Go Mango' or 'Go Man, Go!', but either way it's a cool shade for old school beach bums or even today's Millennial surfers. 

5.) Ford Freudian Gilt: Also known as Bright Gold or Caramel Bronze Ford painted Cougars, Falcons, Mercurys and Mustangs in 1969 and 1970 with this psychologically inspiring shade. Don't over analyze the name, just enjoy the color and its many nuances, especially when it's in the sun.

Other contenders include Opel Pink Kong, Let it Blue, Saturday White Fever, Red and Roll, Dancing Green, Pink Kong, I'll be Black, Danny the Green, Papa Don't Peach, James Blonde, Purple Fiction, Mr. Darkside, Pump Up the Blue, The Greyfather, Greenspotting, Paella Fiesta, Buzz Lightgreen, A Star is Brown, Silver Walker and White My Fire.

Sources: Wikipedia, AOL and MSN

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