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When Should I Re-Paint My Car?

Auto Body Review When Should I Repaint my car?Your car is an extension of yourself and even though it gets you to point A and point B it also plays an important role in your life. So, if your vehicle starts looking shoddy and tired for whatever reason, re-painting it can bring it back to life and have you smiling once more.

At Trophy Nissan Collision Center, we paint countless cars every year here in Mesquite, TX so we know when the time is right to re-paint a car that's in need.

Another reason for painting your car is for when you want to sell it.  I don't know any buyer on the planet who will be even remotely  interested in your car if the exterior finish isn't up to speed. First impressions are always important, so a good paint job will help you to capture top dollars for when you decide to sell it.

 Here are three warning signs that will tell you that indeed your car needs some new paint:


Fading occurs over an extended period of time and that is why it's difficult to detect it because you see your car every day and it always happens gradually. One way to determine whether your vehicle’s paint job has faded is to look at an earlier picture from when you first bought the car. This will allow you to conduct a more thorough before-and-after analysis before you decide what to do.


Peeling paint is a very obvious indication that your car is in need of some TLC in the form of a new paint job. In many instances, your vehicle will start fading long before it begins peeling. Peeling can be avoided with appropriate maintenance and UV protection. Regularly waxing of your car will help to alleviate the chances of your paint peeling. But once a car's paint job starts to peel, it is hard to prevent it from spreading. 

Severe Scratches

A bunch of scratches is always a definitive sign that your vehicle is in need of a new paint job. Scratches can be complicated, because they won't always logically lead to the need for a new paint job. A high-speed polisher operated by a capable professional can buff a great portion of your scratches out, but others will penetrate so deeply into your car’s finish that they cannot be removed be any amount of buffing.

If you are witnessing any of these conditions currently with your vehicle, start thinking about new paint. If you have any questions, always call us Trophy Nissan Collision Center , e-mail us, or even stop by  4930 N Galloway Ave because we can help.

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