Wawanesa Insurance Company


Claim Service Guarantee ...........

Wawanesa customers enjoy claims service that is quick and fair. Our claims staff is eager to meet or exceed your expectations throughout the claims handling process. At your request, we can discuss with you those repair shops with which we have had good experience. A Claims Representative will be at your disposal at the time you report your loss to discuss those shops that are available to you in your area. We will not recommend either a shop or contractor to you unless we have complete confidence they will provide you with the quality claims repairs you deserve. You, at all times, maintain the right to choose your own repair shop in the event of a loss.       



If you decide to use the quality repair services we recommend, we will guarantee the workmanship of those claim repairs for as long as you own the property. This guarantee is just another example of how Wawanesa has been "Earning Your Trust Since 1896".