VeriFacts Automotive Adds Structual Repair CapabilityToTheir Verified Quality Program

Knowing that your vehicle contains Exotic High Strength Seel componets and Structural Aluminum and Structural Composite type materials should raise some very important questions in your mind.

How do you identify damage to these components ?  What equipment is necessary to do safe and quality repairs to these components?  Who can perform these types of repairs?  Are these technicians trained properly and qualified? 


The Verifact's Program provides collision repair facility operators as well as consumers with a comprehensive "Third-Party Verification"  of a facility’s technical capabilities including their equipment, materials, technician training and skill levels, and output repair quality along with their overall commitment to safe, quality repairs. 

Verifacts offers in-shop Clinics that provide a convenient, cost-effective way to keep your shop personnel informed on repair methods that can improve their skills and efficiency. 

The Structual Clinic offers the principles of Documentation, Verification and proper vehicle ImagingThe participants learn how to properly Document a file, how to Verify for proper repairs and how to Image the vehicle in a specific manner to ensure there is no confusion on determining what vehicle damage has occurred

There are many areas of training within this segment.  Some include but are not limited to,  Measuring, MIG Brazing, Suspension Diagnosis, Structural Analysis & Proper repair methods.

Structure and Structual Components are all Relavent to the Foundation and Safety of your vehicle. Verifacts insures that Structual understanding and correct Structual Repair Procedures are the top priority of their training program.