Cosmetic Repairs have No Structural, Suspension, Mechanical or Welding involments


VeriFacts Automotive was founded in 2002 to address the implementation of technical information within the collision repair industry. Today, VeriFacts is recognized as the industry's only Independent Onsite Quality Verification Service and in-shop technician assessment provider. VeriFacts is committed to identifying and exposing Excellence in Collision Repair.

Knowing that the Cosmetics of a vehicle repair is vital to the Value and Investment of Ownership.  Verifacts offers extensive In-Shop training and guidance with the Cosmetic concerns and repairs of vehicles.

Noticing  cosmetic flaws  in a collision repair no doubt will lead to uncertainy about the other repairs done to your most valued vehicle.  Verifacts emphasizes the importance of every aspect in a collison repair. Cosmetics hold a high priority on their list for Proper and Quality repairs.