Composites and Aluminum in Cars Makes them Lighter, Safer and More Fuel-Efficient


A composite is composed of a high-performance fiber (such as carbon or glass) in a matrix material (epoxy polymer) that when combined provides enhanced properties compared with the individual materials by themselves. Carbon-fiber composites weigh about one-fifth as much as steel, but are as good or better in terms of stiffness and strength. With composite materials, you get high strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratios, as well as excellent energy-absorbing capability per mass. To meet the ultimate mileage goal, one potentially enabling technology is to use carbon-fiber composites, which form the structure of U.S. fighter jets. These composites do not rust or corrode.

Verifacts identifies which composite parts should not be repaired and the ones that can have specific procedures to follow..  Verifacts suppies education and training in these most critical areas.



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