Safeco's Guaranteed Repair Network

At Safeco, we know that a claim is more than just a document—it's something that affects your life. Therefore, we offer these benefits in an effort to make the process just a little bit easier after a car accident.

Guaranteed Repair Network Body Shops Provide the Highest Quality

Guaranteed Repair Network facilities are more than just your neighborhood collision repair shop. These facilities are vetted by Safeco to ensure that they provide the highest quality service and they are the finest in each of their respective regions.

By using a Guaranteed Repair Network shop, you receive the following advantages:

• Peace of Mind—repairs are completed by certified technicians and are 100% guaranteed by Safeco for as long as you own your vehicle

• Convenience—there are more than 2,000 Guaranteed Repair Network body shops nationwide

• Speed—you and your vehicle receive priority status so you can get back on the road as quickly as possible

• Rental Car Reimbursement—if you have added Rental Car Reimbursement to your policy, reservations can be made quickly and easily through our mobile app.

• Direct Payments—we can pay the Safeco Guaranteed Repair Network shop directly for the damage estimate, minus your deductible

• Online Updates—log in to eService to get updates on your vehicles status, including when repairs have been scheduled, where your car is in the repair process and when repairs have been completed. (Available only at participating facilities)

 After receiving an appraisal at a Safeco Guaranteed Repair Network facility, you're under no obligation to have the repairs done there - you can still bring the estimate to the shop of your choice. However, we are confident that if you use one of our Safeco Guaranteed Repair Network shops you'll be more than satisfied with your claims experience.

Sources: Safeco

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