Take Your Car to a Progressive Service Center and Win

To make your claim and repair easier, Progressive offers choices in auto insurance claims handling that are the best in the industry. With a network of the best body shops in the country, we're proud to be a Progressive's Service Center, because it means that we're one of the best of the very best!

We'll Make it Easy

When you choose a Service Center to manage your claim, you simply drop off your damaged car; pick up your rental and go.  It's that simple.  In addition, we'll guarantee all repairs for as long as you own or lease your car, even if you move to another state.

Your claims representative will prepare an initial repair estimate so the repairs can begin. Your claims rep also can help you understand your choices to repair your vehicle. You have a choice in how you want your vehicle repaired: You can choose one of our Service Centers,

We've Already Done All the Work for You

If the closest Service Center to you isn't quite close enough, you can always choose a shop in our pre-approved network, and we'll manage the repairs for you. With this option, you'll get many of the same benefits as you would with a Service Center, including priority service and quick, guaranteed repairs.

The Decision is Yours 

If the body shop you choose discovers additional damage when repairing your vehicle, your claims representative will "re-inspect" the vehicle. At this point, the claims representative and the body shop representative review the damage to your vehicle together and make appropriate revisions to include all damaged parts that are found. 

Our claims representatives write estimates based on parts and labor costs associated with the repair. If the body shop's estimate is higher or lower than ours, your claims representative will discuss this difference with the shop, and they will agree on a price for repairs. Your claims representative will keep you informed of the repairs every step of the way.

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Ed Attanasio - Editor for AutoBody-Review.com