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The true measure of an insurance company is how it responds when a loss occurs.  Our adjusting staff is well trained and experienced. We will contact you without delay and will be fair and considerate in dealing with you at all times. We endeavor to resolve your claim as expeditiously as possible.  

At Oregon Mutual our experienced claim representatives, located throughout the West, are committed to resolving your claim quickly and fairly. Some of the advantages of insuring with Oregon Mutual in the event you have a claim are:Consistently exceptional claims satisfaction ratings and high policy renewal rates among customers with claims.  Average time to contact policyholders after a claim is first reported is 1.5 hours. Auto collision deductible          waived when subrogation recovery is available against another insurance company. Superior rating by Northwest auto body shop managers.                                                                                                                                 

Need assistance in selecting a repair shop?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Our Customer Automobile Appraisal and Repair Service(or CAARS) program will help you find an approved and trusted auto body repair shop in your area to have your car inspected, appraised and possibly repaired. It is completely your choice where you take your vehicle after you have filed a claim. This program is just part of Oregon Mutual’s effort to provide an increased level of customer claim service and to control claim costs.