Only the Very Best Become a BMW Certified Collision Center

If you drive a Mercedes-Benz, you already know about the unparalleled quality of these incredible works of art. You may also know that every Mercedes-Benz Certified Collision Center ensures that your vehicle's repairs are made with deft precision. By using only Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts on every repair, Mercedes-Benz certified technicians are poised and prepared to restore your vehicle as close to its pre-accident condition every single time.

Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts are World-Class

Quality does not simply reside in how well a part functions at the get-go. No, it is a function of how well it performs over time. Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts endure because they are engineered specifically for your car. They fit like no other parts can, because they're engineered to work with the other parts and systems within your vehicle and are made with the finest materials available.

When you choose Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts, you enjoy the reassurance and instinctive ease that comes with our Parts Warranty:

  • 12 months, unlimited mileage
  • 24 months or 24,000 miles for transmissions
  • 48 months or 50,000 miles for engine and long blocks (same coverage as for a new Mercedes-Benz)

You Have the Best, So Why Even Consider the Rest?

You covet the finest in life and that's why you chose to own a Mercedes-Benz. So, why would you want to risk your vehicle's health by taking it to a non-certified collision repair facility? Tap into the finest repair network on the planet and work exclusively with a Mercedes-Benz Certified Collision Center today.

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