Ford National Body Shop Network

Ford's National Body Shop program was design to ensure that Ford-certified body shops have the proper training, tools, equipment and facilities to repair the Ford vehicles of today and tomorrow according to manufacturer's specifications.

OEM Ford Collision parts are designed and engineered for your specific vehicle. That means each new OEM Ford collision part is built to maintain the quality, safety and integrity you expect as a Ford owner. To make sure that every new Ford collision part will perform at a high level, it is rigorously tested to work with your vehicle within a system while meeting the highest governmental safety and quality standards. You bought a Ford, and when you choose Ford Collision parts, you keep it a Ford.

Know Your Repair Rights

Knowledge is power. Know what to do during the collision repair process:

  • Don’t release your vehicle from a tow yard until you have found the body shop you want to use.
  • Demand new OEM parts with any repair.
  • Before you sign an estimate, make sure you know which parts will be replaced and the type of parts that will be used to replace them.
  • Don’t sign anything unless you read and agree to the repairs and parts listed.
  • If you don’t understand any part of your estimate, please ask questions.
  • Don’t ever let any shop rush the repairs and know what to expect before agreeing to anything.
  • If you have any problem with any repair, take your vehicle back and have the work redone.

It’s your choice to select any shop you desire to get your Ford repaired, so why not use a member of our highly-respected Ford National Body Shop program?

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