First Acceptance Insurance Company

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First Acceptance Corporation is a retailer, servicer and underwriter of non-standard personal automobile insurance in the Nashville area. 

They currently write non-standard personal auto insurance for individuals who are categorized as “non-standard” because of their inability or unwillingness to obtain standard insurance coverage due to various factors, such as payment history, payment preference, failure to maintain continuous insurance coverage, driving record and/or vehicle type. In most instances, First Acceptance covers those who are required by law to buy a minimum amount of automobile insurance.


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Do I need two estimates to determine how much it will cost to repair my car after an accident?

Probably not. If you have Comprehensive and Collision coverage, we can inspect your vehicle and provide an estimate. If you prefer, you can take your vehicle to an authorized Acceptance repair shop; no estimate will be required. Preferred Partners

Where do I go to get my car inspected?

If you can drive or tow your car to a secure location (such as your house or office), we'll send an appraiser to meet you at your convenience.

Where can I have my car repaired?

After you have your repair estimate, you can get more value if you choose one of our Preferred Partners. If you prefer, you may also select your own repair shop.