FIREMAN'S FUND ..... Take us with you when you're on the road


Your car is so much more than a means of transportation — it’s a showcase of fine craftsmanship, technology and a reflection of your style.

Unlike some other auto insurance providers, Fireman’s Fund gives you the power to customize your policy with options to:

  • Lock in your car’s value at the beginning of every policy term
  • Use original manufacturer’s parts
  • Maintain coverage worldwide

If you decide some aspects of Prestige Auto Premier just aren’t for you, we can put together a package with only the coverages you want. It’s part of our commitment to making sure your Fireman’s Fund policy is exactly what you need.

Enjoy Protection Across Borders
A luxury vacation wouldn’t be the same without a sleek automobile to check out all the sights. Fireman’s Fund will support you with worldwide liability protection for vehicles you rent, borrow or lease for up to 90 days.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a car overseas, go ahead. Maybe you’re already abroad or perhaps you’re at home, but the perfect car for you is 5,000 miles away. When you have a car insured with us, we’ll automatically protect your new vehicle for 30 days.

Driving on the other side of the road in Ireland or New Zealand is quite the adventure, so that’s why you need coverage wherever you tour. We can easily tailor your international coverage to provide security in the case of injury expenses or property damage — whether you’re at fault or the other driver is uninsured or under-insured. Plus, we’ll help with legal costs if necessary.

Choose a Temporary Vehicle
What do you drive while your pride and joy is being repaired? Some insurance companies put a daily limit on rentals. But we want you to maintain the comfort, innovation, elegance and horsepower you usually enjoy in your own car. With Fireman’s Fund coverage, we offer reimbursement up to $10,000, and you get to choose a comparable rental car that fits your lifestyle.

Select Your Own Body Shop
Maybe you already have a favorite mechanic or a go-to service garage. Your luxury car deserves supreme care, so Prestige Auto Premier allows you to select the facility of your choice or use a Fireman’s Fund pre-screened high-quality shop. If you want your repairs completed with original manufacturer’s parts, we’ll cover the extra cost.

Pick Your Towing Preference
Whether you’re cruising down the coast close to home or winding through faraway mountains with the wind in your hair, we’re available when you need us. With most other car insurance policies, if your car breaks down, you’ll get a tow to the nearest point of service. But Fireman’s Fund will let you send your car to a preferred repair shop up to 50 miles away or to the nearest qualified facility no matter how far. We also offer up to $1,000 in living expenses if you’re on vacation so you can get your trip back on track.

Lock in Your Car’s Value
With ValueLock® you can maintain your car’s established value for an entire policy term — typically one year. You won’t have to worry about depreciation or a deductible for a total loss.

Benefit From New Vehicle Replacement
What if you drove off the lot and were in a car accident that very week? Most of us have had that same worry, especially since we know a new car depreciates in value the minute it leaves the dealership. In some states, Fireman’s Fund offers a new vehicle replacement option. We’ll insure the full cost of your car in the case of a total loss for up to its first three model years.

Save on Keys
Prestige Auto Premier could save you hundreds when it comes to replacing electronic or smart keys. We offer replacement costs up $1,500 for lost or stolen keys — with no deductible.