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Farm Bureau Insurance of Tennessee

A subsidiary of FBL Financial Group (NYSE: FFG), Farm Bureau Financial Services, provides Auto/Home/Property.  

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Looking backward, I can see a little table, two cane-bottom chairs, and a secondhand typewriter in one corner of the county agent's office in the basement of the courthouse in Columbia. A little sign on the table read 'The Tennessee Farm Bureau'. It was a good thing the sign was there, else we might have been overlooked.

Today's Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation has a membership of more than 600,000 family members and is the largest state Farm Bureau in the nation. However, when it began in June of 1921, the membership was small and the services it offered were few. The agricultural leaders that formed it, operated mostly on faith that someday they would have the opportunity to provide a better way of life for rural Tennessee. Joe Frank Porter was selected as the organization's first state president and due to the fact that he lived in Maury County, it was only natural for the first office to be located here. Travel was difficult in those early days and locating the office near the organization's president was the most logical and economical thing to do. Mr. Porter served as president for twenty-five years, retiring in 1946. The state office remained in Maury County due to Mr. Porter's leadership and the excellent location for travel of the state.

As of January 2006, the number of Tennessee Farm Bureau and affiliate service companies' employees has risen from just one (Mr. Porter) in the early 1920's to over 1300. More than 750 employees currently work at the TFBF home office in Columbia and across the state there are approximately 420 full-time insurance agents, and 101 income tax practitioners. Currently, there are 150 Farm Bureau offices located across the state with more locations being considered.