Corporate Claims Management

Corporate Claims Management was founded in 1992 to provide the risk management community with custom-tailored, high-quality claims administration services and risk management information systems designed to the unique specifications of each of our clients.  Just as no two claims are alike, we understand that no two claims management programs are alike.  Corporate Claims Management takes the time to understand each client’s specific needs and goals to provide a custom tailored approach to the delivery of the systems and services we provide.


Our Services

Our Services 

Corporate Claims Service (CCS) offers its clients a full range of claims services including fully automated claims filing, highly accurate and efficient processing and timely claim settlements as well as a battery of add-on services such as vendor partners and a new online risk management service.


Claims Submission

CCS accepts claims submissions from insureds via regular or express mail, fax/scanned claims forms or on this website via an online form.  Click here to link to our online claims form.  Our claims management team is available for assistance by phone or email, if you have any questions.


Claims Processing

Regardless of the method of submission, all claims received at CCS are entered either manually or electronically into our RISKMASTER™ processing system.   RISKMASTER is the starting point and routing program that tracks each individual claim and also provides our team, our carrier partners and our clients with on-demand, real time loss/status/analysis reports.


Claims Payment

Our goal is to resolve and arrange for payment of all claims authorized by appropriate insurance carrier as efficiently as possible.. We know that reimbursement for all legitimate insurance claims is of paramount importance to any insured’s business operation.