Providing Safety, Environmental & Hazmat Training to All Automotive Professionals

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The mission of CCAR is to provide consistent and compliant Safety, Pollution Prevention, and HazMat training, as well as Education and Environmental best practices for the global motor vehicle industry.



CCAR’s vision is one of a workplace with fully trained automotive professionals, focusing on their craft, enhancing their overall business and living ‘Safe, Clean and Green.’ 


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Collision Course Description:

As an automotive shop professional, OSHA and the EPA require you to complete safety and environmental training at the beginning of your employment (before even entering the shop) and at least annually thereafter.

With CCAR’s Environmental and Safety courses:

  • Provide coverage for an entire automotive shop staff under one training bundle or a-la-carte
  • Train you on the very latest OSHA and EPA safety and pollution prevention training modules
  • Access online, anywhere you have Internet access.

The EPA and OSHA make changes regularly that impact you and the automotive industry overall.

  • For example, OSHA revised its Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) to align with the Global Harmonization Standard (GHS).
  • As an automotive professional, you need to be aware of this change, new labeling elements and a new standardized format for SDSs (formerly known as Material Data Safety Sheets or MSDSs) in order to remain in compliance.