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What is the Auto Body Inspection Program?

Under the Auto Body Inspection Program, inspectors from the Department of Consumer Affairs' Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) will inspect your vehicle at no cost to verify that the repairs listed on your invoice were done correctly. If problems are found, BAR will work with the shop to help get them resolved.

Why are inspections needed?

Because most collision repairs are hidden by the vehicle's panels, it can be hard to tell if the repairs were performed correctly, or if they were done at all. Undetected deficiencies could reduce the structural integrity of the vehicle and could put the driver and passengers at risk, especially in another collision.

How do I participate?

  1. You must have been the vehicle's registered owner when the repairs were done.
  2. You need a copy of the auto body repair invoice, listing the repairs performed.
  3. Call BAR toll-free at (866) 799-3811 to schedule an appointment for your no-cost inspection.

On the scheduled date and time, a BAR inspector will come to your home or office to inspect your vehicle.

What if the inspector finds a problem?

If the inspector finds a problem with the repair, you may:

  • Ask the inspector to open a complaint that will be investigated by a BAR field representative;
  • Report the problem to your insurance company; or
  • Choose not to pursue the issue.