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Utah's Insurance Company Since 1909  .......

Bear River Mutual has been helping our friends and neighbors here in Utah with their insurance needs for over 100 years. Our employees and agents are your neighbors, friends and family, and we are proud to be able to call Utah home.

Because we are a mutual company we have no investors or shareholders seeking company profits. Our policyholders are our owners, and we pass those savings on to them in the form of lower rates. In addition, our qualification standards are more rigorous than most other insurance companies. This keeps our own costs low, which again translates into lower rates and better, more dedicated service to our customers.

Our commitment to Utah, and the values that we share here, has helped us to build a strong company with generations of loyal customers.

Not all Utah drivers are the same. Merge onto I-15 and you’ll quickly see our point. At Bear River Mutual, our tough auto insurance qualification standards allow us to consistently offer some of the lowest rates around. And contrary to what you may have heard, Bear River Mutual policyholders are covered wherever they go in the United States and Canada – not just in Utah.

So buckle up, put that mobile phone away and enjoy your drive. While you’re out, stop in and talk to an independent agent about Bear River Mutual insurance. Your agent is an expert who can help determine the right auto coverage for you.


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We choose to work with the best repair and service providers in the state of Utah.  They make up our " Bear Care Preferred Providers " .