Our Beginning

In 1871, the year of the great Chicago fire, many insurance companies were forced to close because of heavy losses.  The companies that remained in business charged high rates and were very particular about the risks they accepted.  Many of these companies refused to write insurance on churches with steeples because the steeples attracted lightning.  The few companies that did write churches with steeples charged exorbitant rates.  These restrictions and high rates prompted the formation of our company.

In 1887, a group of Lutheran churchmen from Milwaukee decided to organize a mutual aid society to protect their churches and property against fire loss.  On February 2, 1887, a committee was appointed to draft a constitution and bylaws.  The first general meeting was held on March 13, 1887.  One hundred and thirty-seven signed the constitution declaring themselves members of the society and elected John Schwartz as the company's first president.

Our Future

Through sound, conservative growth and concern for the welfare of its policyholders, agents and employees, Badger Mutual Insurance Company is committed to meeting the needs of the 21st century.  Advanced technology allows us to provide efficient service, reduce waste, and remain competitive in the evolving insurance industry.

Badger Mutual is also committed to serving the community from which it operates by supporting local and national charities, including the United Way, Make-A-Wish Foundation, United Community Center and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee.

As Badger Mutual looks to a profitable future, we thank our policyholders, independent agents, employees, and retirees to whom our success is attributed.