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Improve your customer experience and build satisfaction and loyalty with accurate, impartial customer satisfaction data and customized, dynamic reporting tools.

RepairCenter Customer Engagement Tools can help you improve your level of service and customer satisfaction so you can leverage both as essential differentiators for your business to drive more referral customers through your door. The user-friendly RepairCenter survey reporting tools give you control over the type of customer satisfaction data you want to see, how often you see it, and how it is delivered to you. Dynamic reporting provides "real-time" data you can trust as the basis for your most important business decisions.

Powered by AutocheX, the RepairCenter Customer Engagement Tools service is based on over 20 years of leadership in customer satisfaction indexing (CSI) and research. In addition to advanced yet easy-to-use reporting features, the solution includes survey questions proven to reveal the primary drivers of satisfaction with the repair experience, professional telephone interviewers, real-time alerts when a customer responds negatively to a survey, and industry-leading benchmarking information.

RepairCenter Customer Engagement Tools is by far the best way to demonstrate to your customers and trading partners how good you really are.