Auto insurance coverage to customers categorized as being non-standard.

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Non- Standard Auto Insurance  ..

AssuranceAmerica Corporation is a wholesale and retail insurance underwriter offering auto insurance coverage to customers categorized as being non-standard. The non-standard designation refers either to drivers with unusual needs or those who have been placed in a high risk pool due to multiple accidents, violations, or DWI/DUIs. The company operates through three separate subsidiaries: AssuranceAmerica Insurance Company (AAIC), AssuranceAmerica Managing General Agency, and TrustWay Insurance Agencies.

Assurance America Claims

Assurance America provides a toll-free telephone number on their website for individuals needing to make an auto insurance claim. It is understood that this claim service is used as a secondary option if your local agent is not available at the time. If you can contact your local agent first, he or she will be able to provide you with more personal service aimed at getting you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Like all auto insurance companies, AssuranceAmerica and all of its local agents encourages customers to cooperate in all investigations conducted by law-enforcement. Often times these investigations, and the subsequent police reports generated, are the keys to understanding who is at fault for a car accident and whose insurance will pay claims. Once you contact your local agent or the corporate office, you will be directed in how to proceed with your claim.