American National's Car Care Repair (CCR) Program


Car Care Repair (CCR) Program is designed to give our customers a resource for direct access to 
vehicle repair services in their area. 
When our customers participate in the Car Care Repair (CCR) program, the guesswork of trying to find a 
repair facility is eliminated. 
Member shops are familiar with our estimate and inspection guidelines. Electronic assignments and 
transmission of information can reduce inconvenience to you. 
Selecting a CCR can also reduce appraisal delays to inspect a vehicle. Participating shops may also be able to 
provide on-line access regarding progress of your repairs. 
Lifetime Service Guarantee 
In the event we make a payment for your repairs at a CCR facility, you also will receive our Lifetime Service 
Guarantee of your repairs. 
You have the right to choose where your vehicle is repaired and the parts you use for repairs. In the event of 
a loss, we will consider payment under the terms and conditions of the applicable policy. If you have 
questions about your repairs, we encourage you to contact your Claim Representative to discuss your 
Thank you for your i