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Auto Claims Process

We understand that a rapid settlement of your claim is a top priority. Our Claim Personnel will work with you to ensure a prompt and equitable settlement of your claim. 

There are 4 major steps in the settlement of your automobile claim: 


Step 1 - Report an Auto Claim

This step is the process whereby an American Commerce Claim Service Center Representative will gather the full detailed information needed to process your claim. You can contact American Commerce Insurance Company's Claim Service Center at:



Available 24 hours a day/365 days a year 
Reporting your claim takes approximately 10-15 minutes.


Report a Claim to American Commerce Insurance Online

If you prefer to file your claim online, you may complete our online claim submission form. After completing the form, you will be provided with a submission number, and one of our representatives will typically contact you within one business day to provide you with any additional claims information.

Step 2 - Appraisal of Damage

Once you have reported your claim and coverage for damage to your vehicle is verified, arrangements will be made to have an American Commerce appraiser inspect your vehicle. The appraiser will write an appraisal of damage for any accident-related damage. 

We can arrange for an American Commerce appraiser to visit you at your home, workplace or
repair facility. The appraiser will contact you ahead of time to arrange a mutually convenient time and date to inspect your vehicle. 

After the vehicle has been inspected by the American Commerce appraiser and it is considered to be repairable, the appraiser will either deliver the appraisal of damage to the vehicle owner or mail you a copy . If your vehicle is not repairable, it will be considered a "total loss."


Step 3 - Payments

Your Claim Adjuster will review what coverage is available for your claim. Once coverage is determined and the amount of your loss has been established, payments are made less the amount of your chosen deductible for that particular coverage part. 

Step 4- Repairs

When you receive the appraisal of damage from the American Commerce appraiser, you may choose to begin repairs at that point. However, the initial appraisal of damage is not a guarantee of payment. That is because the amount of the payment will be reduced by the amount of your chosen deductible or for damage on the appraisal that is not related to this loss. 

You may take your appraisal of damage to any auto repair shop of your choice. 

Your original appraisal is for "visible damage" seen during the inspection. Although every attempt is made to be as thorough as possible, at times additional "hidden damage" is discovered during the repair process. If this happens, the repair facility should contact the original appraiser who will then come to that facility to write a supplemental appraisal for any loss-related damage. 

AGREED PRICE - If the repair shop's estimate is different from the one written by the American Commerce Appraiser, our staff will work directly with your chosen shop to attempt to reach an agreed price.