America First Insurance, a Liberty Mutual company

The Premier Auto Claims Experience ( PACE )

The Premier Auto Claims Experience, or PACE, is a partnership program with selected collision repair facilities. Each facility goes through a background check and must continually meet high quality repair and customer service standards

.Having a damaged vehicle repaired at one of our PACE shops can provide peace of mind, convenience and expedite the claims experience for our customers, while guaranteeing the quality of repairs.

How does using PACE benefit our customers?

•     Repairs completed at a PACE facility meet industry professional standards.
•     The quality of repairs at PACE facilities are 4% better than the industry.

•     There are nearly 2,000 PACE locations nationwide.
•     If the customer has rental coverage, rental vehicles can be delivered to the repair facility when the customer drops their vehicle off for scheduled repairs, if they choose to use a PACE OneStop™ facility

•     Our customers’ vehicles receive priority status at PACE facilities.
•     Vehicles repaired at PACE shops are returned an average of two days faster than the industry

What kind of replacement parts do PACE shops use?
We are committed to repairing customers’ vehicles with quality replacement parts. Quality replacement parts are made by a company other than the manufacturer of the vehicle. 
Any quality replacement sheet metal parts included in estimates are certified by independent industry organizations which set standards replacement parts to assure their quality is similar to the 
original equipment manufacturer. All parts are guaranteed as long as the customer owns the vehicle.



Our claim services include:

  • 24-hour claim reporting 365 days a year
  • Agent notification of the loss
  • Body shop referral through our PACE program
  • Glass repair through our Total Glass Solution program
  • Immediate claim processing
  • A National Catastrophe unit which responds after natural disasters
  • Rental car referral