AFA Claim Services was founded with one goal:


To allow our clients to focus on what they do best by freeing them from the administrative side of the claims process.

AFA Administrative Services

AFA Administrative Services

We offer full-service Third Party Administration for your personal auto programs. From loss reporting to litigation, we have the ability to handle all aspects of your automobile claims. In every personal auto case that we administrate, we stringently adhere to all standards and procedures set …


AFA Appraisal Services

AFA Appraisal Services

AFA Appraisal Service is a full service automobile appraisal and audit company. We provide standard field appraisal services with a quick turnaround. Our internal standards are 24-hour contact with the vehicle owner and 48-hour inspection and appraisal. If we are unable to meet these goals…


AFA Field Services

AFA Field Services

Since the problem of insurance fraud is growing, it is important that the scene where a claim originated is professionally investigated if there is any question as to the validity of the claim. AFA offers scene investigation services, handled by skilled, experienced investigators.