Member Preferred Repairs by AAA

When your vehicle is damaged, the last thing you want is for a long, drawn-out experience. You want to be back on the road as soon as possible! Luckily, for those who insured their vehicle through AAA, you can rest assured that the repair process will be as seamless and trouble-free as possible. It is through the AAA Member Preferred Repairs that memebers are offered referrals to pre-qualified repair facilities. These include automotive specialists in stereo equipment and auto glass replacement.You also recieve a lifetime warranty on all workmanship, which only further reduces the amount of stress of getting your car repaired. 

Lifetime Warranties on All Repairs

Member Preferred Repairs features a lifetime warranty on workmanship for claims repairs that is valid for as long as you own the vehicle (not transferable). We guarantee that the quality on your repair will meet or exceed the standards predominantly accepted by the automobile repair industry. This warranty will apply if the Member Preferred Facility has first been given the opportunity to correct any workmanship issues and is unable to do so. In those instances, we will always do whatever it takes to fix the situation and return your vehicle back to its physical pre-condition.

This warranty excludes parts and materials, normal wear and tear, rust and damage from rust, as well as damage resulting from unreasonable use, improper maintenance and/or modifications to the vehicle

The Freedom to Choose

Remember, you as the car owner have the right and freedom to choose where you have your vehicle repaired. Whehter it's a Member Preferred Facility or somewhere else, the decision is up to you. Still, considering all the advantages of Member Preferred Repairs, we think you will agree that taking your vehicle to a Member Preferred approved shop is a sage decision. 


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