Hiring a Good SEO Consultant Isn’t Magic

by Ed Attanasio - Tue, Jan 19, 2016 10:45 AM

Everything is now online, so you probably already know it is important for your web site to rank at the top of search engines for the services you offer. To help body shops to improve their inbound leads, owners will often turn to SEO consultants to get the job done. After all, an SEO expert may not know how to fix a car, but they sure know how to enhance your presence online.

Now, you’re most likely familiar with a lot of acronyms in the collision repair industry, such as DRPs, MSOs, OEMs and many others, but what do you really know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? What do you know about searching for someone who specializes in it? When prospecting for a good SEO consultant, here are three important things to think about:

Will You Get Results?

1. Will you get results? Any reputable consultant should be able to provide you with specific steps and tactics they plan to use to help your business. Their process should start with an in-depth discovery call, followed by a market analysis as well as a competitive analysis. This helps you to better understand the value of a good SEO strategy and they are essential parts of creating that strategy.  Some so-called experts want you to believe that good SEO is like magic and while telling you that they don’t want to divulge their techniques. If any SEO consultant isn’t willing to tell you how they’re going to help you, then get away from them asap.

Customer testimonials

2. Ask them for examples and customer testimonials. Any service that an SEO agency wants to sell you should be something that they’ve already tested out within their own marketing strategy. Ask them for examples of how they’ve used their tactics and how they’ve worked for themselves and other companies.


3. Are they legit? SEO is a hot item right now, so there are a ton of new or young companies out there battling to get their customers in a prime position on Google. Just about anyone can start an SEO company, with just a website and a phone number. Always ask for references when seeking to hire any consultant. You want an agency with a proven track record of helping local businesses like yours to improve their online presence.

Do your due diligence and research to find the ideal SEO consultant for you—one who is transparent, accountable and maybe most importantly—with proven results that really work.

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