How much will it cost me to fix my car's peeling clear coat?

by Tom Zoebelein - Fri, Jun 27, 2014 9:30 AM

The short answer is anywhere from $500 to $10,000. But let me give you the parameters that determine the actual price to fix your peeling clearcoat.

Amount of clearcoat that is peeling matters:

Small Areas on one panel

If you only have a small area of delamination, there is a chance that we can contain the problem by fixing just that one panel, which would save you some money.  Price- $500-1,000.

Multiple peeling clearcoat spots

If you have multiple clusters of spots on several different panels, we will need to determine the best course of action.  Delamination does tend to affect an entire vehicle over time, due to conditions in the environment. Price estimate $1500- $5,000

The whole car is peeling

When this happens it is usually due to defects in the paint.  In situations like these it’s usually best to repaint the entire vehicle.

Multiple coats of peeling paint 

We can usually sand down the clear coated area and spray over top of the base coat. However if this has gone on for a long time and the base coat is compromised, or if your paint problem extends into layers beneath the clear coat, then the repair could require more hours and materials, since it would include a greater surface area to sand and more complicated paint-matching.  All of this would factor into the cost of your paint repair and bump you into the over $5,000 area

Auto Body Damage to the panels.

Big dent in a car body panel

Most shops won’t simply re-spray clear coat over dented panels no matter how much you beg. It’s just bad for business, and we won’t be able to guarantee the paint job. So if you have additional auto body damage along with the peeling clearcoat, you can expect to pay for the damage repair. You might as well anyway since we will have your car for a couple of days and we will be painting it, why not get those dents fixed at the same time.  Price $10,000 or more but you could file an insurance claim or use you collision.

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If your car's paint ever becomes unsightly due to delamination or any other problem, bring it in to us and we can have it looking beautiful again in no time.