Top 5 Car Gift Ideas for Father's Day!

by Jennifer Maimone - Wed, Jun 17, 2015 4:33 PM

Father’s Day is this Sunday! Have you found the right gift for your car-loving dad, yet? If not, don’t worry! You don’t have to spend hours thinking of ways to make your dad feel special, or to give him something that he can use throughout the year. knows the best gifts you can get your dad to show how much you appreciate him. Here are 5 gift ideas that any car-dad would love to get!

New Tool Box

  1. A New Tool Box

Does your dad have a hundred tools, but no place to put them? Why not get him a new tool box? Tool boxes come in many shapes and sizes, so your options are limitless.

Race School

  1. Racing School

Is your dad a Formula 1 fan? How about IndyCar, or NASCAR? If he gets excited just from the sound of a car revving, and doesn’t miss any racing programs, then chances are your dad would get a kick at the thought of being able to race like the pros. Get your dad some racing school classes, and see how much more excited he will be the next time he gets behind the wheel.

Car Detail

  1. Get Your Dad’s Car a Full Detail

Getting a car detail is more than just getting a car wash. A full car detail covers paint care, cleaning of the chassis and wheels, lights and trim, full interior, and the engine! When the detail is finished, you are going to have the car sparking like new for him this Sunday.

Classic Car Project

  1. A Classic Car Project

It may take a while to find the right one, but if you come across a hidden gem your dad can take pleasure in restoring, then get it! Perhaps it’s a car your dad used to have when he was younger. Maybe it’s the car he always wished he had, and now you can give him the chance to give it to him and make it his own.

Clean the Garage!

  1. Clean the Garage

Sometimes the best things are free. Give your dad the time of your day to clean the garage for him, and organize everything so he can start on his next car project (or at least be able to fit his car back in the garage!). We all know how there’s nothing more satisfying for a car-guy than to see his favorite car nestled in a clean, organized garage.

Father’s Day comes around only once a year, so as a family owned business, we at encourage everyone to let their fathers know how important they are. Treat them like kings, thank them for all the hard work and sacrifices they have made, and surprise them with one of these 5 gift ideas!

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