Do Car Wraps Sell Your Brand Effectively?

by Ed Attanasio - Tue, Nov 24, 2015 4:08 PM

Body shops all over the country have invested in car wraps and in some cases, the costs can count up quickly. But there are other shops that believe some spending (whether a little or a lot) of money on an attractive and compelling car wrap that brings them customers and eventually more than pays for itself. For $500-$5,000, a car wrap can be as simple and direct or as elaborate as you desire. You certainly won’t need to mortgage your house to buy a vehicle wrap for your business, but they’re not inexpensive either. Before you buy, consider the pros and cons.

car wrapping

Consider the potential downside:

  • The initial cost for a wrap can be significant. You can spend hundreds or even a few thousand on this type of sign. Keep in mind that a wrap is not just a magnet to slap onto the door--this is an investment.
  • Since wraps are a moving advertisement for your business, a bad driver can bring you unwanted attention.

Funny Car Wrap

Look at the potential benefits:

  • A vehicle wrap is a far more effective tool as a marketing device than a simple magnetic sign. It’s a can’t-miss visual that tells people who you are — and lets them know you have style.
  • A wrap can turn any vehicle — whether a tiny car or a delivery van — into a rolling billboard. You wouldn’t be allowed to put a sign in front of a restaurant or a store, but if you’re stopped in their parking lot you don’t need a permit or permission to wave your company’s flag.
  • Wraps are removable, so they won’t affect the resale value of your vehicle like a custom paint job can.

Hopefully these directives will help you to make an educated decision if and when you start considering a wrap for your shop’s vehicles today or in the near future.

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