Email Marketing Etiquette

by Stacey Phillips - Mon, May 15, 2017 8:00 AM

One of the first things people usually do when they wake up in the morning is check their emails. You might even do it yourself. Whether using a computer or phone, your inbox is probably flooded with everything from the latest deal at your favorite store to the one from the company claiming to be your bank. And yes, grandma’s email might also be hidden in there somewhere.

Don’t get the wrong idea. Email is a very effective tool when reaching out to customers. The number of email users worldwide is projected to grow to 2.9 billion by 2019, according to Statista's study conducted in 2016.

By now, your body shop most likely understands the importance of developing an email marketing list to help grow your business. However, you want to ensure that the email you send out from your body shop gets attention, but without upsetting or alienating your customer base.

autobody-review email marketing etiquette

Before emailing past, present or future customers, there are certain rules to keep in mind so that you don’t come across as bothersome or pushy. It’s often a fine line, but if you walk it carefully, email marketing is a proven method that will get you excellent results over time.

1.) Get Consent: Not only is it courteous to ask customers if you can add them to your email list, but it’s also the law. Make sure they agree to receive an occasional email, whether it’s a helpful tip, an upcoming deal you are offering or other information you wish to share. (Consult your legal representative for further information.) 

2.) Be Mobile-Friendly: With the growing usage of mobile devices, ensure that your emails are easy to read on both phones and tablets. According to national statistics, 79 percent of all adults use smartphones to read emails.

3.) Refine Your List: Although it might sound tempting, don’t rush out and purchase an email list. Instead, build an organic list that includes your target market. This might take time, but it will benefit your shop in the long run.

4.) Be Professional: Want to grab your customers’ attention? People usually decide whether to open an email based on the subject line. Be clear and to the point while trying to catch their interest. Rather than greeting someone with “hey” or “yo,” use professional salutations and a name if possible. Limit your use of exclamation points and humor and make sure to proofread every email before sending it out!

5.) Never Spam People: We all know what it is like to receive an excessive amount of emails. However, what one person might consider too many, is perfectly acceptable for someone else. It takes some time to figure out what is best for your audience. Surveys can be helpful to find out how often customers wish to receive information and the subjects they are interested in reading about.

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll come across more professional and helpful, and gain a customer for life. Otherwise, your email will be viewed as just another annoying message cluttering up their inbox--lost and forgotten for all time. 


Stacey Phillips
A professional writer and editor for more than 20 years who specializes in creating content for a wide range of businesses and industries including automotive, engineering and healthand wellness.