Are You Measuring the Right Capture Ratio?

by Richard Pannazzo - Tue, Feb 16, 2016 9:53 AM

Do Body Shops lose business before they even get an assignment?

Would you go on a cross country trip in your car without first mapping out your route on or some other mapping tool? Of course not! And todays customer is less likely to choose a repair facility until they have done their homework as well.

3 Things to Know About Your Referral Capture Rate

1.Customer behavior has changed

95% of the average shops business today comes from 1 of 3 sources. A DRP Referral, a Dealer Referral or a Past Customer Referral. Statistics prove that 80% of the customers being referred to your business will perform a Google search for you to find reviews to validate the referral BEFORE making a choice with their insurer. Yes, they are googling your business while they’re on the phone with the claims office! This means that before they give their shop of choice, you're already being reviewed by the customer. Poor reviews or low reviews means you could be losing business before an assignment is even made. This is what we refer to as your "Referral Capture Rate"


2.The Problem

The problem with this is that too many review sites allow anyone to leave a review, even if they weren’t a customer. Many of those review sites are built for the consumer, not your business. 

In fact, most of them recommend or advertise competitive locations on your shops review page. The result is that you are losing business before you even get a chance to earn it.

3.The Solution

The solution is simple. Partner up with a review company that is integrated into your system and can populate your Verified Customer’s Real reviews. There are a few sites out there doing a great job promoting a positive image for our industry. Search online for Auto Body Reviews to see what’s available in your area. Choose a company that does not pit you against your competitor to generate more revenue for themselves. Also choose a company that can provide a high volume of reviews and complete campaign management with little to no work on your part. You have enough to worry about running your business day to day. Choose a partner that will put resources to work FOR YOU.

Richard Pannazzo
Chief Operating Officer,
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