Auto body shop job hunting? Check consumer reviews to guide your career.

by Tom Zoebelein - Mon, Jul 8, 2013 4:21 PM

Auto body shop job hunting? Check consumer reviews to guide your career.

If you are currently in the market for a new job opportunity in the auto body repair field, you probably have a good idea of who is who in your are as far as auto body shops are concerned.

The question is are you looking for just a body shop job, or do you want your next move to be a career move? Job seekers often overlook the auto body review as a source of information about a potential employer.

What I mean by that is the auto body field, like many careers, is a tight-knit industry where everybody knows everybody, especially in smaller towns. As a body man, a painter or even a front office staffer, you probably know who the competition is and you may even know some people who work at some of those shops.

There comes a time at most jobs, when you just need to make a change. Perhaps you have gone as far as you can go at this particular auto body shop, or maybe you just got  a new boss that you simply cannot stand. You might even be concerned with the stability of the business you are working for now based on their revenue. Things happen, and sometimes we just need to make a move.

So if you are going to make a significant change in your life, such as finding a new employer, you might want to think about this as a career move and not just “getting a new job”. So what is the difference you ask?

Think of your new employer as an investment in your future, just as you would invest in your tools or skills.

Take a moment and ask yourself what brought you to the auto body business to start with.

Was it a love of cars? Customer service? Restorations? Earning a certain amount of pay? Running a shop?

Most auto body shops are hiring for most positions all the time. If you are a good A- tech, body man, helper, or painter and even front office staff, chances are there are several shops in your area that are hiring. The reason is, most shops do not have the time to train people, and when the shop grows, or has a vacancy to fill, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right person and the positions stay open for a while.

As you begin to research these employers, many people forget to check out the consumer reviews. We recommend that you do that, and our site is a great source for information. Everybody wants to join a winning team right?

You can learn a lot about a shop just by reading their reviews.

First of all check for the positive reviews- are people mentioning that they have been coming here for years? This loyal fan base can speak volumes about a shops reputation.

Read any negative reviews- are people complaining about the length of time it takes the car to be finished? Are people complaining about having to constantly bring the car back?

In an auto body shop you are always a part of a team. Lots of negative reviews about take backs and delays could signal that this shop is poorly run, or your coworkers might be less than skilled. Do you want your reputation damaged by working at a bad shop?

So when considering a career change in the auto body repair field, don’t forget to check out those auto body shop reviews to determine if you want to take your skills to that shop.

Think about your career, not just a job.