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by Richard Pannazzo - Tue, May 10, 2016 10:07 PM

Did you know that Amazon sells OEM and Aftermarket Parts? They quite possibly could be one of the largest automotive parts suppliers in the country, or even the world. We would have to do some further research to validate this claim, but make no mistake about it, Amazon is huge, and they have the distribution network to get it done! In fact, in 2015 Amazon was deemed by Hedges & Company as being the country's largest online retailer of Automotive Aftermarket Parts in an industry that they report did $6.3 Billion dollars in sales. Based on their article "How big is the aftermarket automotive industry?", Hedges & Company expect to see this channel of Parts sales to reach more than $10 Billion. Amazon is perfectly positioned to continue to be the front runner. Hedges & COmpany Projected Market Size

Amazon Automotive even has "My Garage" where you can manage your vehicles for quicker searching. Many other automotive sites online have these types of features, but only Amazon has access to a global network of such vast inventory. The interesting challenge would be to do some price comparisons. Verify if their pricing is competitive once you include all the shipping charges etc. 

Honda Replacement Lamps

Hats off to Amazon once again however with their Amazon Prime membership that proved deeper discounts and even Free Shipping on some items. A quick Free Trial will expose you to the myriad of benefits available so you can test drive the Prime Membership first hand. But how do they keep up with all the shipping demands?

Eugen Kim, Author at Business Insider states that zccording to new data by the e-commerce software maker ChannelAdvisor, Amazon has added 21 new logistics facilities globally over the last 12 months, up 14% from last year, bringing the total to 173 facilities worldwide. He contionues to add that of the 173 facilities, 104 are in the North America region, with the rest spread across Europe and Asia. So where does this put Amazon in the grander picture compared to Brick and Mortor locations? 

We'll do some more pokeing around and update you, in the meantime, do some investigating on your own and share your results in the comment section below.


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